Sunday, April 12, 2009

Nature Walk in Chumuckla

I walked the woods of the Panhandle today. It was quiet, peaceful and relaxing. The temperature seemed just right, and the cloud cover was almost too perfect.

As I began to walk, I realized that it was not so quiet alone in the woods, and as a matter of fact, I was not alone at all. Life was all around me and it was quite amazing. I could hear birds chirping like I have never heard before. The wind was rustling through the trees, making sounds almost as if the trees were talking to me, telling me stories of the sights they have seen. I could hear a dog howling in the distance, letting everyone know about the things he has gone through. It seemed as if my ears were in an entirely different place.

But that was not all; all of my other senses began to become more active, as well. I could smell things that others in their everyday lives cannot smell. The wind had a unique smell, a fresh smell of a new day and new season. The trees smelled so fresh and inspiring. And I began to see things that not just anyone can see. It was nature at its best, untouched and pure. The trees seemed alive, almost as if they were walking with me. The birds seemed as if they were at home, as they flew from tree to tree, not having to worry about anyone or anything interfering with their everyday lifestyle. Ants were marching in a straight line, each doing their job and not one swayed from the line.

That brings me to feeling, and it was a feeling that everyone gets, but it is rare. A feeling of pureness, freshness, cleanness and a feeling of being alive, all at once. Being with nature in its habitat, not my habitat. Letting nature do its work as I watched, not it watching as I did my job. I felt as I was part of nature, and I belonged right there in the woods. Now, I know whenever I need to get away from the stress of everyday living, all I have to do is take a walk in the quite, peaceful, wonderful woods of Chumuckla.


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